Monday, April 25, 2011

How Am I Doing?

Howdy folks. I know some of you are interested to know the status of What The Hair.
Let me just tell you this:


This too shall be my last post.

And I'm farkin glad to have trusted my instinct and went with Neeta's Herbal (not being paid for telling this as it is yo!)

Feel free to continue reading my previous posts if you've got Alopecia Areata. This could be the blog that gives you the answer you're looking for. I will not be updating this blog anymore because my mission has been accomplished!

I've taken my email off this page *because* more often than not, I received far too many questions already *shared* publicly in this blog.

While I blogged about my experienced, this blog is in no way a recommendation to subscribe to the treatment or purchase the product(s) of Neeta's Herbal. Should you decide to do so, I shall not be in anyway responsible for your decision or the result(s) thereafter.

Peace and Good Luck with YOUR Journey.

The end.

X Katt

Text updated 3rd December 2012

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile I didn't update this blog...hehe..

After I finished my last session in 2009, the lady asked me to continue for 10 more but I was adamant not to. She even said that since I'm a good customer she'll throw in an extra free treatment for me, that I really should sign-up because the price will increase soon which she doesn't know when but it will, blablablablabla..

Yeah, right! I like the treatments and it did work for me but come on lah, don't la try to hard sell to me can? Even if I want to, I don't buy that shit. Two different ladies offered me the same thing using the same lines - they're both in the 'managing' positions. The first one even told me this - 'only I can offer you this you know, my staff will not be able to offer you....'


*Roll eyes x 100*

OK, there was an incident that happened during my second last treatment. I was about to finish my treatment that day when I heard a loud conversation between two mature Indian ladies who just came for theirs. They're the fair kind, very Bollywood-like. From the outer appearances, they have the 'madame dompet tebal' look. Very the tai-tai style.

One of the granny (I guess she's in her 50s) has really thin hair. She was complaining non-stop about the treatments. She spposedly signed up for the 10x treatments course in April (2009) yet she hasn't seen any improvements.

I politely 'masuk line' and told her that that's really a shame it didn't work out for her because I had good result with the treatments. She was like, "Oh! But you have alot of hair. It looks fine, no problem at all."

I then showed her the 'before' photos which I took using my phone. She was surprised and asked how I did it.

I told her the same 'story'... I was desperate. I followed the course diligently. I never skipped the weekly treatment except for one time when I went to Japan. I also put the Tam Ointment + the Hair Tonic like crazy esp after washing my hair with the Amla Shampoo. The rest of the products like hair mask, hair cream I didnt even finish, yadda yadda yadda....

She: "But the Tam Ointment is greasy lah! It spoils my pillow when I sleep at night. I don't like it. I stopped using after 3x. I join since April you know. It's October already. My hair isn't growing also. Now, I want to get refund."

Me: "Seriously arrr? You're suppose to come on weekly basis for your treatment here la dey... And you also have to take care of your hair well using the products they gave you. I am surprised you signed up in April but haven't completed your ten treatments lorrr.

Well, it's really up to you. To put up with the greasiness on a daily basis and diligently come for your weekly treatment here and see if it really works for you since you already paid for it OR you can choose to be lazy and then see what happens next. It really depends on how desperate you are to want to grow your back lorrr.."

She: "Well, you have a point but it is still greasy...I cannot stand it"

I just smiled and told her good luck.

Well, the lady who was 'the boss' that day overheard the whole conversation and then she thanked me no end. What she didn't realize is that I wasn't doing it for her or NH, I was just giving it to the 'opportunist' back there.

What do you know, 2 weeks or so after I received 7missed calls from a landline number. When I picked the 8th call, it was the 'lady boss' and "since I had great result with NH, would I be free to provide a 'testi' to this lady (read:her potential client) who also has Alopecia Areata... the same condition that I had" was her line. Well, I went along with it, the lady on the other end was decently nice and desperate and I empathize with her predicament.

Months after, another call from that 'lady boss'. Another person on the line. I also went along with it.

Weeks after, an unknown number left so many missed calls on my cell. It wasn't the usual 'lady boss'. The missed calls were followed by a single sms stating that the person received my number from the 'lady boss' and yeah... she wanna know too. Well, OK. I fucking don't like it when my phone number is being shared even for whatever fucking cause.

The lady on the phone, her name was Helen. She called me from her mobile, was decent person, nice and curious to know everything. She had like soooo many questions hahaha. And I shared everything I know with her. The conversation got to the point where "meeting-up" was casually mentioned. Fine with me. We talked for like 40 minutes or so. I even sms her the URL to this blog to which she sms-ed me a thank you note.

Weeks after, I smsed her wishing her happy CNY and how is she doing? Is she having success with the treatment n so on. But I didn't get a reply and forgotten after. I thought my sms didn't go through. Few days later, as I was clearing my Sentbox, saw the sms I sent her and then I decided, I'll just drop a hi again in case she didn't get the first message. Same thing happened. Being a curious cat, I called her (after a couple of days). She answered. However the tone sounds like, 'Owwwwwh yeaaaaaaaaaaah.... I remember you. Soooooooooo sooooorry I have been very busy with life'....

Uhuh! Yeah. I think I've just been used. That's a bitter after taste.

This incident reminds me of an episode in Season 6 of House M.D., specifically the character Tucker who's a cancer survivor and friend of Dr Wilson. Dr. Wilson donated his blood to Tucker for his blood transfusion. After Tucker got well, he left his wife and daughter for a younger girlfriend (Ashley).

However, Tucker fell into a second lapse of illness and this is where he used his family for support (instead of his girlfriend). His liver's failing and and he wouldn't be able to survive the ordeal. He then told Wilson that it's not fair for him as he just got his family back together and could Wilson donate a lobe of his liver to Tucker. Seeing the situation, Wilson finally agreed.

Towards the end however, Tucker is with Ashley again and his family is nowhere to be seen. Tucker then said this to Wilson and I quote "I was thrilled to get the family back together and Melissa's great in a crisis, but the person you want when you're dying isn't the same as the person you want when you're living."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Note to Self

Signed up on Aug 8 2009 / First Session / Session No.1
Ending Week Oct 24/25 2009 / Last Session / Session No. 12

Photos of my AA. Hey, Bald Patches, Begone!

Referring back to the AA profile posted earlier,
this is patch #3 (2nd Biggest)

Referring back to the AA profile posted earlier,
this is patch #1 (The biggest)

Referring back to the AA profile posted earlier,
this is patch #1 (The biggest).
What used to be baby hair has now grown
quite long, and black :) it reminds
me of porcupine. Haha! The area is
also getting almost fully covered
and you can barely see
the shape and size of the patch

Referring back to the AA profile posted earlier,
this is patch #4

Referring back to the AA profile posted earlier,
this is patch #1
(The biggest patch, my number 1 concern)

All Photos dated 25th August are taken the week before my 4th session, effectively still considered just after my 3rd session.

Photos dated 24th Sept are taken this week which is after my 7th session.

People don't quite believe me that I have balding spots because I guess I hide them quite well. Photos taken using phone camera with date/time turned on, bloody HTC quality. I miss my SE.

Tell me, if this is you having this sorta issues, will you not want to find the best care, easiest to follow, fastest result and possibly affordable solution?

Perhaps for guys this is easier to deal with - they can take all the time they want to fix but I just can't.

Imma girl and bald patches on the head - they're not cool OK?! Not only embarassing but humiliating to be asked about.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alopecia Areata - My Week 7 Progress

Back from vacay to the land of the rising sun and managed to squeeze in for my 7th treatment last week on Sunday before they closed for Raya hols. Still have another 5 treatments to go.

I finished the Hair Tonic pretty fast (compared with the rest) because I used bottle spray to spritz on the areas instead of pouring it onto my head straight from the bottle. The cost of the Hair Tonic? Totally expensive at about RM100+++++.

I couldn't exactly remember how much the ++ is in Ringgit Malaysia because, but I did remember the 'pain' of parting with my cash that day. But since it is working for me and I was desperate, I had to.

Stat as of today... the growth has covered 70%-80% of the patches making it difficult to figure out the areas to apply the cream and tonic. YAY!!!!! The baby hair has grown quite a bit too that it now reaches almost the middle phalanx of my second finger. THAT is long! I am overjoyed of course! But I also think that the growth is getting slower... Hmmm... Main thing is, my confidence is slowly but surely rising again.

I am hoping that in another 2 months time I hope to be able to ditch my cap, hats which I use to 'hide' the problem areas. For work, I use hairbands to push the front hair to the back to cover the patches - it would be totally weird having a hat on in the office.

I also didn't like spending my vacay with cap and hats even at night. It is so unusual to do so. But I gotta do it. I gotta cover. Hide is more like it. I dont like being asked about it especially concerned old folks. Dont like that.

Sorry no picture yet. Gosh I am talking like I am so promoting Neeta's but the truth is I am happy with the result and happy customers, well spread the good news.

Oh, during my 7th treatment last Sunday I happened to meet the lady owner again. She said that it's highly suggested that I continue with follow-up treatment for another 10 sessions (I still have 5 more to go).

The cost? Ten sessions for RM800 + 1 extra free session. It is to be done once fortnightly or once every 3 weeks or so.

Ahakkss... Burn me!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeell, I was kinda thinking. RM80 per treatment, hmmm that's steep after paying so much like 7 weeks ago. And I don't really feel like spending that much -although I understood it's quite necessary. So we'll see after my 12th. I will probably decide then.

On the other hand,, I am quite perplexed why nobody wrote reviews or blog much about Neeta's Herbal? Before I signed up, I actually scoured the net looking for personal testimonials good or bad about the center but I didnt find much info - just one that says misleading advertisement somewhere in the UK. Well different country, different laws.

So to those that may stumble upon my blog looking for info on Neeta's Herbal, ummm I must warn you that this is my personal testimonial and I am in no way affiliated with them. I may even use a reel name but I am real. Right here. Right now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fixing Alopecia Areata - My Story

C'est Moi. The Empress Fights Back.

My reel name is Katt. Female. Malaysian. Somewhat 'dented' due a condition called Alopecia Areata, this blog is about my journey in getting my hair "fixed". My aim is to grow back hair like weeds so that I can have my favorite pixie 'do. I will write about treatments/products I have done/gone through/used in my quest to you-know-what.

I really like pixie hairstyle like pictures below, as it is simple and doesn't require lots of maintenance. But it is a terrible hairstyle to have when I have bald patches showing. It is sooo not cool.

Discovering my Alopecia Areata.

Well I first self-discovered Patch #1 (refer picture way below), the largest one, sometime in late May 2009.

To be fair, I was forewarned by my regular hairstylist. In fact, when I went for hairwash services at few other salons, they also forewarned me - something along the line of 'Malaysian-subtlety', like...,

(1) "Lenglui, you're losing alot of hair worr. Really, really alot" or
(2) "Your hair is thinning leh. You don't want to do treatment ah?"

Disbelieving them (thinking that they probably wanted to make more sales via hair treatments) I (almost-always) retorted back at them like, "Oh!!! I know... !!!"

Not knowing the severity of the issue, I lived my life as usual, blatantly unaware. Stupid naivety.

Until that one fine day in May, when I thought the pixie 'do has grown longer at the nape. I positioned my back to the big wardrobe mirror and used another smaller mirror to check against the reflection. That was THE moment. The Fuck-My-Life moment.

Now I know why balding people are even more stressed than they already are.

Stage 1: Last week of May 2009 - 1st week of June 2009.

With the discovery of Patch #1, I had to quickly 'buckle up' my attitude and opt for a 'never give up' mission statement.

First, I asked an Indian friend for some tips. She recommended to check with a doctor that her friend went to. Her friend had fungal infection on the scalp which caused a bald spot the size of 20-cent, and the good doctor gave her ointments that took care of the problem.

Well I went. The clinic was just behind Strudels in Bangsar. The doctor was very nice indeed. He checked my scalp condition and promptly gave me another doctor's contact details. He said, "Lady, I can't help you with your Alopecia Areata but this doctor will be able to. You will probably given steroids to counter the problem. And for this I won't charge you anything because I can't prescribe you any treatment."

I thought, "Steroids??? What the hair??? No way!! FML x 1000 times."

Back to the same Indian friend. She said, "Why don't you try Bajaj Almond Oil? My sister used it for her hair and also worked for my niece too. You could get it from any Indian sundry shops in Brickfields".

Without delay, I got a bottle the same day I got the 'tip'. The cost was RM4.50. I was to apply the oil every night. I did. I could feel fine babyhair growing but not the entire area. I was happy but not too happy. I was desperate to fastrack the growth. Dammit.

Stage II.

I definitely did not want to go through the Steroids stage and the almond oil was working albeit pretty slow like kura-kura (turtle). I wanted to check Neeta's Herbal that same weekend, but I overslept because it was raining hard and I got lazy.

The following Monday, I dragged my backside to their Bangsar outlet only to find that Monday is their off-day. FML x 1100 times.

Unhappy, I went for a walk at Times Square and chanced upon Huayi Hair Growth. It was mainly because they have that scalp scan machine. That is how I found that I have other patches! FML x 1200 times!

While I was there, I saw a returning customer who was there to purchase more Huayi products. I asked if it's working for him and he said yes, that's why he's there. Upon hearing the testimonial, I parted with approximately RM400 for a bottle of shampoo and a tonic that cost RM300 ++.

The routine involves washing the hair every other day, putting the tonic onto the scalp and then 'tapping' the patches with hard bristles paintbrush for the next 5-10 minutes to 'improve blood circulation' until the tonic is fully absorbed. The tonic contains ethanol so it is easily absorbed, much like alcohol-based-hand-sanitizers. I will post the product photos soon.

Mid-July 2009 - there are some more growth. Not alot to make me happy though. And they don't grow fast enough to make me happy. And my 'Farmville' patches has grown in size.

That. is. dangerusss..

Stage III.

One fine Saturday, I went. Consulted for 10-15 minutes by Nita and then sign-up for a 12-course of weekly treatments. Given seven products. By the way, how much did I pay for it? Yes, I heard you asking. It was flat out RM1898. Plus RM49 for the mask treatment (optional but I opted in the first time just so I know how I should do it at home).

OK, why did I choose Neeta's? Through my Google-research (comparing most of the hair solutions centers available in Kuala Lumpur), Neeta's Herbal stood out from the rest.

First and foremost, they are using Herbal. I like au naturel. I am pro-naturopathy.

Second of all, the Founder (Nita Gosalia), had the same problems and found what worked for her.

Thirdly, Neeta's Herbal is a Malaysian company that has been around more than 10 years. I forgot how many exactly but you can re-verify by calling them or going to their content-outdated-website (It's not even Web 2.0 but nevermind that).

Fourthly, they fit my budget. Huayi's single treatment cost about RM2700 sans the products. Yun Nam costs more than that. Hairloss 101 is even more expensive. Tricho-Kare, I didn't even bother to check.

And the final one, I've never seen any haircare centers that is frequented by people from all races, teenagers and old folks alike. Seriously.

Be back soon..